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A bright white kitchen with stainless steel appliances features a sink, stove, and refrigerator.

Elevate your surroundings  beyond basic organization

create harmonious and tidy spaces that reflect your true sense of order 

Organizing Services

Line drawing of a stack of 3 containers with angled sides.  The containers have dark outlines and cast shadows.
. Declutter: Start by going though each room and
getting rid
of items you no longer need or use. 

. Storage Solutions: Invest in storage bins, shelves, and organizers to keep things tidy. 

Maintenance: Schedule maintenance after your project's completion. Enjoy exclusive sessions to refresh, adjust, or reimagine spaces we've organized for you. 
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A row of gray rectangle labels hang from small hooks on a matching gray wall. The labels are blank.
Shopping cart with a cardboard box on top. An upward arrow points next to the cart.
. Categorize: Sort belongings into categories like clothing, kitchenware and electronics. 

. Labeling: Label containers and shelves to make it easy to find items. 

. Moving: Prepare for a seamless transition to your new space. We get everything ready to be packed and we can unpack and set up your new space efficiently. Say goodby to the stress of moving and step into your fresh, organized environment with ease.

With us you can simply breathe again

 A stainless steel sink sits below a window.
A bright shelf filled with colorful potted plants, vases, and candles creates a homey display.

How It Works

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Initial consultation

Book a consultation where we discuss the areas you'd like to organize, ensuring a personalized understanding of your daily needs. 

30 min

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Receive a quote

Provide a detailed breakdown for each space, offering estimates for both time and necessary products needed for the job.

Modern Mom on the Go

We understand that being a mom means juggling a million things at once, which is why we make the organizing process easy and stress-free. Imagine coming home to a space that feels peaceful, and you can finally breathe easy. We specialize in creating serene spaces amidst the bustle of family life. Whether it's organizing toys, simplifying meal prep, or reclaiming your bedroom sanctuary, we've got the solutions you need. Let us help you reclaim your time, space, and sanity today.

A white guitar with a star decal rests on a colorful rug with orange scissors and Scrabble tiles scattered around it.
Close-up of white fabric with soft folds and ruffled edges.

Supporting you Through Time of Loss

In times of loss, managing a loved one's belongings can be overwhelming. Our compassionate organizing services provide support and guidance, helping you navigate this process with care and sensitivity. Let us ease the burden and help you honor your loved one's memory with respect and dignity.

Meet Parisa

Passionate about organization from a young age, I've always found joy in creating order out of chaos. My journey led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design, where I honed my skills in harmonizing spaces. Over the years, my transformative spiritual journey, woven seamlessly with adept organizing skills, has flourished into an essential foundation, providing guidance through life's challenges. I have an in-depth grasp of each client's lifestyle, crafting an extraordinary and personalized experience that effortlessly harmonizes with their distinct way of living. My mission is to guide individuals toward living in spaces that not only captivate the eye but also foster a profound sense of inner balance, recognizing the potent link between organization and emotional well-being. 

Founder of OrganizeMeWell Parisa Ozmen

Our Clients Say

Living room with a blue chair and a white dresser. There is a plant on the dresser and a lamp beside the chair.
Parisa is such a natural when it comes to organizing and thinking of ways in which to maximize space. Ever since she helped me that first time, I've re-hired her several times after we moved to a new home. She keeps tabs on ensuring we're consistently keeping organized. I highly recommend hiring her. She's reasonable, fast, accommodating, and her past experience in Interior Design / Architecture helps her understand space better than anyone I know. 

Radha - May, 2022


A bright white kitchen with stainless steel appliances features a sink, stove, and refrigerator.

. $80 per hour per organizer.

. 4-hour minimum.

. Inquire about our package pricing tailored to your space, and rest assured, we don't charge by the hour.  

. Fee for shopping is $50 per hour. 

. We kindly request a minimum deposit equivalent to 50% of the estimated hours. 


Meet the Team

Founder of OrganizeMeWell Parisa Ozmen
Founder of OrganizeMeWell
Parisa Ozmen
Turning clutter into cuddle worth because every space deserves a happily ever after! Here's where chaos checks out and coziness checks in.
Managing Director Raquel Duran
Managing Director
Raquel Duran
Every project is an opportunity for me to empower individuals, giving them the freedom to reclaim their space, fostering an stress-free environment. 
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